Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Sunday Inspiration

Friday, October 17, 2014

Yoga Socks

This project is definitely in the quickie crafts category, taking less than 10 minutes to make~

Sewing, DIY, Make your own Yoga Socks, fleece socks

These little foot covers are meant to keep your joints warm and cozy but still give you room to grip your yoga mat while stretching out into all your crazy yoga poses.

Here's what you need to make your own Yoga Socks in no time flat.

-stretchy material like T-knit or fleece
-measuring tape
-standard sewing kit
-optional: if your fabric isn't stretchy enough just add some elastic to this list

1) You'll need to take a couple of quick and easy measurements before you get started.  First of all, measure from the bottoms of your toes up to where you want your socks to end on your leg.

2) Now measure around your leg where you want your socks to end.

3) Using these two measurements cut 2 pieces of fabric into a square as shown below.

4) With right sides together, fold the fabric into two long rectangles.
 5) Using a 1/2" seam allowance sew the long cut edge so that you make two long tubes.

6) Turn right side out.  Slip the tube onto your foot and mark approximately where your heel hits the seam allowance (place the seam allowance along the bottom of your foot and back of your leg).

Take the tube off and the cut across half of your tube so that you have a slit in the back.

That's it!  You're done!

Now, when I have more time and I redo this project I will most likely finish my cut edges with a seam and maybe cut my rectangles so that they curve in a bit at the ends so they fit a little more snugly.

Also, if you find that your socks are slouching down on you, just make a small casing at the top of the top and thread in some elastic to keep them in place.

Are you a yoga master?  To be honest I'm more of a pilates girl myself but I know these will still come in handy while I'm doing my hundreds.

Namaste everyone~

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The House With The Wraparound Porch (+ GIVEAWAY!!)

It's been awhile since I shared a book review (I've been 'busy' on Netflix), but I have a lovely book for you today.  Make sure to read to the end to enter to win your own copy!

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Summary from MaryPatHyland.comAlong an elm-canopied boulevard rising from a quaint Finger Lakes village stands a magnificent Queen Anne-style house. 

In the summer of 1920, when Mame McGrath and her family move in across the street, she notices a catatonic young man rocking on its wraparound porch. Mame, a newly hired elementary school teacher, proclaims boldly that she can, and will, restore this man’s psyche—devastated by a drowning in Keuka Lake. 

What she doesn't anticipate is that he and this house will become the center of her life. The House With the Wraparound Porch weaves a riveting tale of the four generations to whom this home becomes more than a shelter from life’s storms. It houses their memories of triumphs and failures, of joys and sorrows that ripple across nine decades. Though many will move on, this house will always be a part of them, because it resides always within the deep heart's core.

The REAL house with the wraparound porch!
(Disclosure: I was lucky enough to receive this book from the author for review through

This is a lovely book about family, legacy, and the little secrets that we keep from the people we love most.

Although there are quite a few characters to try to keep track of, I liked them all (with the exception of Mara - she just seemed a little too eager to please and fit in for my taste). In fact, I felt like each generation could've had their own book because they all lived the kind of lives that are seemingly 'normal', while underneath there are all kinds of fascinating scandal, intrigue, mystery, and drama.

What I really liked in the book is how the author didn't stick to a traditional way of telling a story from multiple viewpoints.  I think many authors would've devoted a chapter to each character's viewpoint and continually flipped between them all.  Mary Pat manages to seamlessly intertwine the lives and perspectives within chapters and does so without confusion and without jarring the reader.

As each generation passes on in the book it brought to mind my own family.  I know one or two of the family 'secrets', but I wonder just how many more have been buried forever.

Kueka Lake - Where the story takes place
Want to win your own copy of this book?  Mary Pat Hyland has been kind enough to provide an extra e-copy of the book for one lucky Etcetorizer!  Just fill in the Rafflecopter widget below and make sure to check back here next week to see if you won~

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You can learn more about this author and find her other books HERE~

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Perfect Little Pill Box

No, I'm talking talking hats, I'm talking about an actual little box to put your pill bottles into~

I was standing at my kitchen counter the other night and suddenly realized that I have quite a mess of medications sitting on top of my microwave.  I know this is probably not a good spot for them, but that's where they sit. (I have a weird phobia about medicine cabinets, they just gross me out.)

perscriptions, pain killers, supplements, vitamins, allergy stuff...
what a mess!

Then I found this cute little box pattern on Silhouette last weekend.

You're supposed to use it to store your washi tape collection in.  Luckily for me, and my craft closet, that's the one and only craft trend that I've managed to pass up.  I just knew that if I started buying it I wouldn't stop, so I avoided it altogether.

But I still made the box...

And look at this.  The washi tape holder is the perfect size!  It fits a small pill bottle perfectly.

I ended up making two, got rid of a couple of expired perscriptions, and now don't have quite such a mess.

Do you have any crafting trends that you've intentionally skipped over for the sake of your pocket book?  Leave a comment, and make sure to jump over to YouTube to watch THIS hilarious video while you're at it:

Linda from Lindababyus

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Make it Monday!

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